The No Lost Generation (NLG) Tech Summit is a two-day event, co-led by UNICEF and NetHope, focused on tech-enabled solutions that connect Learning to Earning for vulnerable adolescents and youth across the Middle East and North Africa. 

The NLG Tech Summit, held June 25 –26 in Amman, Jordan, at the Amman Marriott Hotel. Showcasing tech-enabled solutions and models that provide pathways for vulnerable adolescents and youth to learn, and connect them to opportunities to access dignified employment.

The NLG Tech Summit is the latest in a series of events designed to bring together youth, private sector companies, development and humanitarian experts, academic institutions and donors to leverage technology and cross-sector collaboration to connect learning to earning for young people in the region, particularly those affected by the crises in Syria and Iraq.

Connecting Learning to Earning - See How

This year’s NLG Tech Summit is unique in that, from beginning to end, it involves youth from the MENA region, from the planning and production of the Summit, to the presentations and development of recommended actions. Read more here about the involvement of youth in this third annual NLG Tech Summit.