The United Nations World Food Programme’s EMPACT program aims to equip conflict-affected, displaced and refugee youth aged 18 - 24 with marketable skills to enable them to access work locally as well as in the global digital economy. The program consists of two phases. Phase One focuses on intensive English and basic IT training. In Phase Two English courses continue alongside more advanced IT training. In both phases, students receive soft skills training where they learn how to find jobs and advertise their skills.

Throughout – and after – the program participants have access to dedicated mentors to support and guide them with both academic and non-academic challenges. The participants also have access to online learning and earning platforms at home, and at work labs at the learning centers.

The EMPACT program has made significant investment in linking participants to crowdsourcing platforms around the world to support access to dignified work.

Location: Iraq, parallel programme in Lebanon with American University of Beirut, and plans to expand the reach across the Middle East, North and East Africa.