Organizations exhibiting at the 2018 event (more to be announced soon)

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British Council E-learning Hub

The British Council has developed a portfolio of e-learning resources to reach underserved and hard to reach populations across the globe.  The portfolio includes resources for teachers, young learners and adult students available on the British Council’s learnenglish platform as well as a series of MOOCs developed in partnership with the Queen Rania Foundation.

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BeyondCapital’s Start Up Support Program

BeyondCapital promotes the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Jordan through comprehensive support for Entrepreneurs, Finance Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors. BeyondCapital works with promising entrepreneurs through a tailored 2-year program offering comprehensive, bespoke support designed to foster SME growth. The program offers advisory services, access to capital, and access to mentors.

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Can’t Wait to Learn

Can't Wait to Learn brings innovative, flexible and effective learning opportunities to children who need them most, and with proven results. The programme develops fresh, interactive materials based on national curricula and creates effective partnerships for programme implementation, management, and quality assurance.



Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy is more than IT skills training; it's a community whose members are the students, educators, and business leaders shaping the future. Cisco Networking Academy partners closely with educational institutions and instructors to develop and deliver a curriculum that gives students the digital, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial skills they need to get a job, earn a promotion, or start a business of their own.

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Digital Opportunity Trust MENA

Part of DOT Global, we are a social enterprise working with youth and multi-sectoral partners in Lebanon since 2010 and in Jordan since 2016. DOT MENA's main activities revolve around providing digital and entrepreneurial training for youth and women. Our aim is to improve digital literacy and empower youth leaders to create a better future for themselves through inclusive social innovation. In 2017, we introduced BOT, a socially responsible digital outsourcing platform providing remote freelance work opportunities for local and refugee youth groups from marginalized communities in Lebanon and the region. 

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Eureka Tech Academy

Eureka is a pioneering local and regional tech-organization specialized in the education of innovation and engineering. Eureka aims to teach its students the basics of engineering and invention in order for them to transform their ideas into functional products and services. Eureka first started as an offline academy in 2014 and has since expanded locally and regionally. Eureka has developed a comprehensive multi-level program to prepare kids step by step to be engineers and tech-entrepreneurs.


Finn Church Aid: Innovative education for aspiring entrepreneurs

In 2017, Finn Church Aid (FCA) collaborated with Finland-based Mercuria Business College to deliver entrepreneurship training curricula, contextualized to Jordan, with innovative pedagogy and integrated online solutions. By June, 150 aspiring entrepreneurs will benefit from the technology in Jordan.

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INEE Tech Task Team ICT Inventory: Mobilizing knowledge to inform practice  

The Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) ICT Inventory is an open, interactive online database of tools and projects relevant to delivering quality education in crisis contexts. This database aims to mobilize knowledge and resources to inform EiE edtech programming possibilities.


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Dardachat/دردشات is a series of content — audio, written, video — co-created by Syrian students to share successes and frustrations about adapting to university under challenging circumstances. This is the first episode: Sami’s Story:


Learning Equality: Kolibri

Kolibri is an open-source educational platform that is specially designed to provide offline access to a curated and openly licensed educational content library (with increasing focus on Arabic content) with tools for pedagogical support for use in low-resource/connectivity contexts.

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Libraries Without Borders: Ideas Box

The Ideas Box is a mobile “pop up” multimedia center and learning hub that provides educational and cultural resources to communities in need, including refugees and displaced persons in camps around the globe, and underserved communities in developed countries.

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Little Thinking Minds

LTM is an award-winning educational technology company that creates scientifically proven educational products and resources to advance Arabic language learning among school aged children to improve learning outcomes, advance skills and increase cultural connectedness.

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Mercy Corps' Nubader Program & Youth & Tech Adobe Challenge

The exhibit features the work of young people participating in the Adobe Participation Challenge which is being presented at the event and other youth-led projects taking place under the Nubader program.  Mercy Corps works alongside community based partners to build lasting adolescent and youth friendly spaces in the community. In these spaces youth have access to technology (among other skills and systems) to develop their skills and their own initiatives.

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NaTakallam is a social venture that connects displaced persons (primarily Syrian and Iraqi) with Arabic learners worldwide for language practice over Skype. The platform caters to students in need of affordable and flexible Arabic practice and direct access to native speakers on the one hand, while providing displaced persons with a source of income, marketable skills, and enriching work opportunity on the other – despite workforce restrictions and language barriers many refugees face in their host country. More recently, NaTakallam provides translation and interpretation services for both individual and organization needs. 

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Pluralsight ONE

We Exist To Democratize Technology Skills.

We create progress through technology that lifts the human condition. Revolutionizing the way the world learns. Accelerating innovation while advancing humanity. Igniting the future. Driven by an unrelenting commitment to equality, we unleash human capacity. Illuminating opportunity. We empower change and enable solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.


ReBootKamp (RBK)

RBK is the immersive code Bootcamp, using a powerful new education technology to rapidly deliver 5 core skill sets demanded by industry. In addition to coding, our students acquire highly developed soft skills, problem-solving, autonomous learning and English fluency. Students must be willing to work in the tech industry post-graduation.


Response Innovation Lab

The Response Innovation Lab collaborates with humanitarian organizations and social entrepreneurs to identify challenges facing various participants in humanitarian response. The RIL offers matchmaking services that identify and connect NGOs with similar challenges and encourages creative and effective solutions.


Rumie is a non-profit educational technology organization that uses low-cost tablets to deliver high-quality, digital learning materials to remote communities, regardless of connectivity or access to the internet. We work with organizations such as Junior Achievement and UNICEF in over 20 countries. 

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Salalem is a learning a innovation company that focuses on bridging the knowledge gap between fresh graduates and the workplace and through its Kindian Brand is working on bringing personalized learning to school learners (KG-12).

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Shamal Start & Fab Lab Irbid

Shamal Start is a business accelerator that targets Jordanian & Syrian entrepreneurs in establishing their own businesses in the fields of Service and Manufacturing by providing a seed fund in the form of a grant and other in-kind services such as logistics, financial and legal support. With the help of our fablab, Fablab Irbid, the first fabrication lab in Jordan, we can assist hardware startups in prototyping their products and testing them.

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tahakiPro is a technology platform dedicated to NGOs M&E processes. Through tahaki Pro, CSOs can increase the efficiency of their operations and optimize the use of resources in the field. CSOs will be able to move from scattered small databases to one centralized database used by all programs.

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Ultimate Access -  Education Beyond Borders

We believe in connecting with students to simplify learning though global online access and the ultimate delivery of our selected inspired dedicated teachers. Australian and UK certified education programmes with strong focus on entrepreneurship are offered pre-recorded and live-online. Business English is a key part of the offering along with basic computer skills such as Microsoft and Google products. This will enable the student to become economically and emotionally independent.


UNHCR: Connected Learning

Connected Learning helps overcome gaps in the provision of tertiary education as it leverages technology-supported learning approaches to develop and support university-level programs into the heart of talented refugee communities. Connected learning is the development and exchange of knowledge and ideas among students and faculty through the use of ICT often adopting a methodology of blended learning.


UNICEF Lebanon’s Generation of Innovation Leaders (GIL) Programme

The GIL programme is a connected network of innovation labs spread all across Lebanon, established in partnership with local stakeholders. The labs serve as co-working and educational spaces. Two of the main training tracks are the design thinking and business development (Social Entrepreneurship) track and the digital skills track. Both tracks are designed to help youth develop innovative income-generating solutions for their communities and access opportunities in the digital economy through impact sourcing. The most viable enterprise ideas advance to incubation where they receive one-on-one coaching and seed-funding to pilot their initiatives.


Ustad Mobile

Ustad Mobile is an open source app that enables learners to access and share education content offline. Ustad Mobile has supported USAID and DFID funded projects, and was selected by Dubai Cares to participate in the inaugural Dubai Humanitarian Accelerator.



We Connect: WOW "We Open Windows", واو

WOW is a platform that uses a Facebook messenger bot to connect job seekers with employers in Syria, and also enables and encourages interaction between host and displaced communities inside the country.


World Vision / World Possible

 wiLLi (wireless Learning Lab interactive) provides a creative learning environment for most vulnerable children, youth and communities! It’s the  AFFORDABLE – ACCESSIBLE – ADAPTABLE toolbox for learners, educators, mentors and capacity builders in mobile offline environments containing RACHEL Plus OER and self-defined local content.