A list of the organisations that exhibited at the 2017 event is below


3Asafeer Education Technologies FZ LLC: 3Asafeer is a platform that provides kids with interesting Arabic stories to read anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We do this by providing a subscription service to schools, that allows kids to read illustrated, audible, and leveled stories. Teachers can track students, guide them, and enrich their learning experiences with the resources and tools we provide.

Breteau Foundation: We provide a child friendly android tablet loaded with some of the world’s best education apps, handpicked by our team of experts. Our learning kit covers apps addressing five key developmental needs for children aged 5-10 plus a great toolbox of apps for cross-curricular creative projects.

Cisco Networking Academy: This is one of the biggest CSR programs in the world, with more than 10,000 academies worldwide and 20,000 instructors. Over 1 million students enrolled onto our programs every year. Academies and partners also have access to online, free, cutting edge courses from Cisco, that are aligned to Cisco Certifications or future trends.

Creative Associates: Katkooti is a mobile game app that was awarded $50,000, after becoming a finalist in the EduApp4Syria competition. We have a good alpha version, and are looking for partnerships / funding to fully develop the game. We have also conducted ideathons / hackathons in several countries, focused on addressing development problems faced by populations in crisis/movement.

EDaura: A skill-based learning environment with a mobile approach. EDaura gives educators and learners a set of tools with powerful analytics and assessment to improve the educational process. EDaura offers: chat, course and classroom management, content distribution, assessments, HTML5 content authoring, reporting and analytics. It is available via mobile (iOS & Android) and web browser.

Eqra Tech: We are offer Arabic speech recognition for learning, and Microsoft and Comptia education products.

ITWorx Education: WinjiGo draws on user interface experiences common in social networks, bringing familiarity and comfort to users. The WinjiGo interface can be easily understoodbylearners allowing them to focus on the learning not on the tools. Educators can easily keep track of student’s progress and provide the support needed to steer them towards their goals. A course leaderboard keeps learners engaged by displaying the top learners in the course.

Jabal Amman Publishers: We have an app called Kutubee, which aims to enrich children’s knowledge. Content for the app is provided by multiple publishers. The app is available on IOS and android.

Kiron Open Higher Education: Kiron offers tailor-made curricula clustering MOOCs from renowned educational platforms like Coursera and edX so that refugees can start studying regardless of their asylum status. Courses are entirely free of charge and accessible via our own learning platform “Kiron Campus“. Through strong partnerships with accredited universities worldwide, students have the opportunity to finish their studies offline with the goal of earning a regular bachelor’s degree. Kiron is currently active on the ground in four countries: Germany, Turkey, Jordan, and France. So far, around 4,300 refugees worldwide have accessed our platform.

Kiwix: Kiwix is an offline reader. We take a website (e.g. Khan Academy, Wikipedia, the Gutenberg library, etc.) and make it available offline. Kiwix runs on computers, cellphones and tablets, offers content in 100+ languages. It is free to use and open source. It has been downloaded by more than a million people in 2016 alone, and is used in rural schools in Africa, prisons in Europe and in countries where internet time is too expensive (e.g. Cuba).

Lebanese Alternative Learning: We provide a free of charge web based e-learning tri-lingual platform, based on the Lebanese curriculum. Tabshoura In A Box is a Raspberry Pi, based low-cost offline server. TabshouraOppia is an offline Android app.

Librairies Without Borders: The KoomBook is an autonomous and ultra-portable digital library. It  provides wireless access to thousands of digital resources such as: Wikipedia, TEDtalks, a curated selection from the Gutenberg Library, and thousands of other documents and videos. The KoomBook creates a WiFi hotspot that users can connect to with a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Even with no internet connection, up to 20 simultaneous users can download or upload content. The Ideas Box is a comprehensive portable media center for children and adultsIt includes a digital lab, with server with preloaded open education resources, tablets, computers, an electronic library, a creativity kit (cameras, microphone, a stage, puppets) and a cinema. It is currently in use in refugee contexts in Jordan and Burundi, urban parts of Paris, the Bronx and Calais, and rural Australia. The IdeasCube is a global content portal through which content sets are curated and made available for download.

Little Thinking Minds: Qysas ia regionally sourced library of 125 award-winning books. Each student has their own username and password, and reads based on their ability, not their age. Children progress, by completing reading tasks and tests before moving onto more challenging material. The books are interactive and there is a teacher dashboard where teachers can track student progress.

Mercy Corps: LEARN is a model being tested in Turkey that uses tablet-based home-learning to link out-of-school youth with the formal education sector, and livelihoods opportunities.

Netfreedom Pioneers: We have invented a data transfer technology which allows for fast and inexpensive transfer of digital content to regions where internet is costly or not accessible. Our data transfer method requires no hardware other than the conventional home TV satellite receivers which are prevalent in the developing world. Using technology, we embed digital data such as web content and ebooks in a standard video stream that is sent over a satellite video channel.

Norwegian Refugee Council: We are an independent humanitarian organisation that provide assistance, protection and long-term solutions to displaced persons worldwide. 

ReBootKamp (RBK): We train refugees to code, and then we place them with our hiring partners. We are committed to excellence and producing some of the finest software engineers in the world using the Hack Reactor Curriculum. RBK moves refugees from poverty to prosperity in 4 months.

Re:Coded: A world-class coding bootcamp for refugees and vulnerable youth in Iraq. We aim to create innovative, socially minded leaders of tomorrow in conflict-affected communities using technology and entrepreneurship as a catalyst.

Relief International: We provide education, social innovation labs, and EdTech for refugees in Zaatari and Azraq Camps.

Rubikomm: We offer a smart communication system for schools and educational institutions.

Salasil For Educational Solutions: We have developed an advanced educational platform that enables teachers to generate content with advanced and simple authoring tools. Students receive this content immediately and can interact with teachers private community. Content can be viewed anytime, anywhere, on any device (via browsers and a mobile app).

Save the Children: Save the Children and Pearson have developed a project with an integrated digital learning tool that focuses on Math. We aim to provide innovative and scalable solutions to minimize the impact of emergencies and conflict upon children’s learning outcomes and future life chances.

Southern New Hampshire University: We offer higher education for refugees worldwide. Our blended learning model combines online learning, with in-person instruction and support for employment pathways. Students earn U.S. accredited AA & BA degrees online. We also strive to provide students with the skills that they need for employment and connect them directly with local and international employers.

StartupBoat: StartupBoat is an incubator that supports initiatives that aim to improve the lives of vulnerable refugee populations.

TechKnowledge: The leading specialized electronic information solutions provider in the Middle East. We partner with the world’s leading publishers and scientific societies to provide academic, schools, medical, corporate and government libraries across the Middle East.

UNHCR: We have connected learning progams for refugee community in support to education that help in the community creativity, improve education performance and higher education learning.

UNICEF Lebanon: The Innovation Labs Network program aims to educate, and create income generating activities for marginalized youth between the ages of 15-24 in Lebanon, in the areas of technology and innovation. The Innovation Labs Network is a connected grid of educational facilities equipped with with multi-purpose learning and working areas.

Ustad Mobile: Our open source app provides a full suite of learning management system functionality, including the delivery of learning content, attendance tracking, exams and grades. It is optimized to work offline. The app can snap and automatically recognize paper attendance and exam records. It communicates using peer to peer wifi connections, than can share data without requiring internet, or an access point.

War Child Holland: Can’t Wait to Learn (CWTL) delivers quality education to children, aged 7 – 12. Children can learn numeracy and literacy skills through fun and motivating games on tablets. Individual learning and larger education trends are closely monitored to adapt both local needs and the wider humanitarian education sector. A partnership with the Ministry of Education ensures that children can attain government certificates.

We Love Reading: Our prime goal is to foster a love of reading among children, and to create change makers through reading. Our model consists of training adults to read aloud to children on a regular basis in a public space. We are also developing a mobile app, to create a virtual community for the network of readers around the world.

World Refugee School: The overall goal of the World Refugee School is to provide a platform and methodology to improve learning outcomes for refugee and forcibly displaced children and youth. The Alliance behind this commitment currently consists of four organizations: ITG, DAI, LEGO Education Brainrush.

World Vision Lebanon: "Tabshoura" is a digital platform that includes the Lebanese Kindergarten Curricula. It is easily accessible and free and allows students aged 3-5 to go through the KG modules from the computers.

Worldreader: Worldreader promotes literacy our free digital library. We have also developed a mobile application (Read to Kids), which promotes regular reading to children by parents and caregivers. The android application will have 250 Arabic children's books that can be read on or offline on any data enabled device.