Leila Toplic
No Lost Generation Tech Task Force Lead

Leila Toplic leads two 'collective impact' initiatives at NetHope, a nonprofit technology consortium of 50+ global NGOs.

No Lost Generation Tech Task Force is a cross-sector initiative that includes 70+ organizations (UN/NGO agencies, private sector, academia, startups) focused on using technology and collective impact approach to address the needs of conflict-affected children and youth including education, employment, and participation.

Emerging Technologies Working Group is a sector-wide approach to integrating emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain in humanitarian, development, and conservancy work.

Prior to NetHope, Leila spent 15 years in leadership roles in tech sector - at Microsoft and Adobe - and at social enterprise startups.

Leila’s passion for education and supporting refugee children and youth is rooted in her life experience as a teenage Bosnian war refugee in mid-90's. Leila taught English and art in the Nagyatad Refugee Camp, and later founded the first student chapters of UNHCR and UNIFEM at Wellesley College.