Lina Abojaradeh

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Lina Abojaradeh has a degree in architectural engineering and identifies herself as an artist and activist. She recently graduated from the Lazord Fellowship for young civic leaders and is currently a program coordinator at Global Nomads Group, an international NGO dedicated to fostering dialogue among youth.

Lina has spent the last 10 years utilizing art mediums in order to tell the story of Palestine and the Middle East, including creating award-winning videos, controversial comics, and large murals. She has also begun the social initiative Archismile, which has been operating the last 5 years in order to engage youth through art in under served communities. It has been able to reach 7000 school children through mural community events, and was the finalist in many local competitions. Most recently, Archismile took part in the 2019 World Government Summit in Dubai.

Her activism began when she moved from the US to Jordan as a high school student, and she met her grandfather for the first time. She fell in love with a homeland she had never known about, through his stories about life in Yaffa, Palestine.

She has exhibited her artwork and spoke of the importance of peaceful resistance through art in countless events in Jordan, Turkey, Tunisia, the US, Ireland and Argentina.


Her artwork stands out by mixing art, media and poetry to tell human stories, and has been showcased in many events and exhibitions, among them was the Palestinian Abroad conference in Istanbul, the "Palestinian Women, resistance behind the walls," exhibition in Argentina, as well as other events in Tunisia, US and Jordan. Her video "Colors of the Intifada" was used as the trailer for the Belfast Palestinian Art festival, has reached over 150k views on her FB art page and translated into 4 other languages.

Another one of her short films, ‘I Am Limitless’ won the 2017 Plural + Film competition, and the IAAM Campaign and was shown in UN headquarters. It is now being shown in curricula around the world. She has also won spoken poetry competitions on a national level; with all her poems exploring themes like refugees and war.

Recently her focus has been on creating political cartoons in reaction to events that take place all around the world. One of the most popular ones was a drawing depicting the drowned Syrian refugee, Aylan Al-Kurdi, which reached over 3 million people.

Lina dreams of one day visiting Palestine, and hopes that her work inspires others to use art as a tool for expression, storytelling and resistance to all forms of oppression.