Ms. Nour Al Gharibeh
Representative of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Shapers


Nour Al Gharibeh received an undergraduate degree from the New York University portal campus in Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) in ‘Mechanical Engineering’ and a pre-professional track in ‘Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship’. Through NYU’s global network, Nour was able to explore many experiential learning opportunities and realize her interest in integrating engineering and social impact. 

Nour returned to Jordan, eager to build and serve communities in learning. She joined the WEF Global Shapers community – Amman Hub and was elected as the Hub’s first female Curator. Alongside 25 young local leaders, Nour engaged in delivering projects to local communities across Jordan and the region, addressing issues on mental health, education and poverty. Specifically, she engaged on topics like gender empowerment, employability, and the design industry through co-leading Jordan’s ‘Women in STEM’ network, actively mentoring youth groups and participating in impact driven design trainings and workshops. Currently working at Edraak – the first non-profit Arabic massive open online course (MOOC) platform – Nour supports growing the content and product strategy to support learners across the region with more rewarding and enriching experience through access to high quality learning opportunities. 

Nour is a firm believer in the role of human-centered design in bringing about contextual solutions that empower individuals, societies, and organizations to grow and perform better. She is continuously inspired by the great potential of those around her, which drives her deep interest in employing human-centered design in driving solutions and serving others. Nour holds in innate interest in the region’s development and prosperity and strongly believes in the importance of being able to balance a global identity to collectively address global issues, but also a national and local one to localize our impact and involvement within our communities. 

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