Partners - private sector, startup ecosystem, academic institutions, nonprofits and funders - have a critical role to play in helping to improve the lives of adolescents and youth in the Middle East and North Africa region. To overcome the complex challenges that young people face today, NLG is committed to deepening our engagement with all partners, including the private sector, that can activate their core business and innovation to meet the learning and earning needs of young people across the region.

Building on the past Summits and cross-sector, tech-enabled collaborations facilitated by the NLG Tech Task Force, the 2019 Summit will mobilize the broader business community’s contribution to provide opportunities for adolescents and youth to acquire new skills and access employment. With this Summit, we aim to set in motion a systemic change in how learning and employment systems collaborate to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to become a lifelong learner, access dignified livelihoods and contribute positively in their communities.

If you are a private sector organization, a nonprofit, an academic institution, or a startup, accelerator or incubator, and would like to come to No Lost Generation Tech Summit, please apply here to attend. Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis. Application process will close on April 19, 2019. Please complete this form in English. A unique email address is required for each applicant.

*UN and NGO agencies and youth do not need to apply. Your registration will be managed centrally by the Steering Committee for the NLG Tech Summit.

NLG Tech Summit Attendance Application