Pluralsight One


In partnership with UN/NGO agencies and conflict-affected youth, Pluralsight One has created a digital learning solution designed to support tech skills development and earning pathways for young people in the MENA region. The Solution is designed to support regionally relevant pathways to dignified employment by providing curated, high quality content from Pluralsight’s portfolio of over 6,000 courses translated into 102 languages. It enables learners to acquire in-demand skills, relevant in the locations where they live, and for the global digital economy.

Pluralsight One solution offers offline and mobile functionality, subtitles, transcripts, and onboarding for program staff and humanitarian workers. Content channels are curated to map to regional economic opportunities identified by NGO partners.

Language functionality, skill assessment, and proficiency measurement tools,analytics for tracking platform usage and learning outcomes are all built into the solution program.

In collaboration with UNICEF, this solution has been tested with youth across Lebanon. In Jordan, this solution has been tested in collaboration with Mercy Corps. This began as an NLG Tech Task Force collaboration with the goal to make the fully-developed solution available to all NLG UN/NGO agencies and scale it across the MENA region.

Location: Jordan, Lebanon, plan to expand to MENA region via NLG’s partner agencies.