ReBootKamp (RBK) is a career accelerator focused on skills training for refugees and disadvantaged youth in regions of conflict. RBK uses a powerful form of education technology called eXtreme Learning (XL) to produce market-ready software engineers in four months.

eXtreme Learning combines several traditional methodologies - fail-based learning, problem based learning, collaborative learning, immersive learning - with agile learning and mindfulness training. The most important gains are non-technical - English, social intelligence, professionalism, creative problem solving and autonomous learning.

Programs range from four to 13 weeks long. The shorter programs prepare youth for a variety of pathways including college entrance, career accelerators like RBK, vocational pathways or low skill jobs. The 13-week program prepares youth for direct entry into the tech industry. All of the programs develop skills aligning with modern workforce expectations.

Location: Jordan. 2019 deployments planned for Tunisia and Palestine (Gaza, East Jerusalem, Ramallah).