Speaker criteria


The event Steering Committee will review all requests for speakers. When reviewing applications the Committee will take into the account the following criteria:

  • Relevance of speech to topics we would like to address in the two days of the summit:

    • Employment, including the future of work

    • Entrepreneurship, including funding

    • Technical and Vocational Education and Training

    • Higher education

    • Participation and representation of young people - particularly related to young people’s use and representation in social media / Internet

    • Gender

    • Humanitarian innovation labs / investment in early stage solutions

    • Measurement & Evaluation of ICT-enabled programs

    • New innovations that can support humanitarian programming specific to the four challenges that displaced youth face, e.g. blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT, VR / AR

    • How to engage vulnerable or minority groups (e.g. people with disabilities)  in tech-based initiatives

    • For young people only: Personal experience of the challenges faced by displaced youth and adolescents (age 14- 30) and how technology has helped you address these

    • Other topics proposed by speakers can also be considered

             (Note: Speakers do not necessarily have to be experts on these themes in a humanitarian context, but should explain how               their knowledge can be applied in a humanitarian context)

  • All presentations must speak to the use of technology and collaboration (within sector or cross-sector). Co-presenting between organizations/ individuals is encouraged.

  • Impact and importance of the topic under discussion when it comes to addressing the four highlighted challenges faced by young people in the region.

  • Use of the speaking platform to share something innovative or something that takes learning forward.

  • Relevance and interest of the topic to summit attendees.  

  • Presentations delivered by or alongside young people are encouraged.

  • The expertise / experience of the speaker.


When reviewing applications, the committee will select speakers to ensure a balance between presentations that mostly provide context and presentations that are solutions-focused. Both types of presentation are welcome, although more agenda time will be given to the latter.

The committee will also ensure that keynote speakers and panelists represent a diverse cross-section of organization types.