NLG Summit gives voice to youth in MENA region

“Hope is creating a world where the sound of education and enlightenment is louder than the sound of gunfire.”  

—24-year-old Roudain from Syria.

In a region where nearly half the population is under 24 years old, the time to create opportunities for a prosperous future is now.  The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are home to approximately 124 million adolescents and youth. The MENA region has the highest rate of youth unemployment in the world and the world’s highest levels of violence against adolescents. In about 10 years, countries in the region will face a 12 percent increase in the youth labor force which will see 2.8 million new entrees into the labor market.

The No Lost Generation (NLG) Tech Summit, which will be held in Amman, Jordan on 25-26 June 2019, will engage local, regional and global actors in supporting Learning-to-Earning for young people in the MENA region.

With a total of 250 attendees, the Summit will host 75 young participants who are representational of the majority of adolescents and youth in the MENA Region. This Summit is the first of its kind to engage, involve and connect these young people to opportunities, especially the most vulnerable ones, by recognizing them and building their capacities while ensuring their voices are heard and represented in all phases of the Summit.

What is the role of youth in this Summit?

“There is no work or any project or anything that is successful without working together as one team teamwork.”

—22-year-old Saber Al-Khatib, NLG Tech Summit Youth representative from Syria

When the planning phase of the Summit began, a Youth Advisory Board (YAB) with 10 members was established. Young people involved in the Regional Adolescents and Youth Advisory Majles (RAYAM) were elected, chosen through a systematic and accountability process as the NLG Tech Summit YAB members.  

The YAB members are assisting in shaping the overall Summit and ensuring the issues, ideas, and solutions from young people are being reflected through systematic engagement in the conceptualizing, implementing, monitoring, and following up on the recommendations of NLG Tech Summit 2019.

“In this Summit we believe that youth are doers and achievers. We take every single opinion and feedback in consideration. We even improved some points in the planning process based on the opinion of our youngsters.”

—22-year-old- Balqees, NLG Tech Summit Youth representative from Jordan

YAB members have willingly taken on the role as focal points and team leaders for the teams of Social Media, Graphic Design, and Youth Reporters. These teams’ members have been chosen through online calls, which received more than 960 applications. These short-term opportunities are providing youth with the opportunity of building up their portfolios and learning by closely working with the Tech Summit’s team.

During the Summit, you will have the chance to hear directly from youth and engage with them. You will get to know more about their needs and their challenges, especially since they are representing the voices of the youth from the region

“It has been a great experience in learning, sharing, taking responsibility and most importantly in meeting lovely people"

—23-year-old, Mohammed Al-Solmy, YAB member from Jordan.

You will see their talent showcased through the work of the young creatives, social media managers, designers from all over the region. You will collaborate with them in the working session and development of the action plan.

Stay tuned and follow the social media platforms that are being covered by the youth to stay up-to-date