Ustad Mobile


Ustad Mobile provides a free, open-source mobile learning app that enables conflict-affected and marginalized youth to access and share educational content offline.

The app is designed for limited connectivity, works on almost any Android phone, and does not require a mini server or Wifi access point. With support from the Expo Live Innovation Impact Grant Programme, thousands of online, open educational resources, such as Khan Academy, are being adapted for offline use and sharing by youth in Jordan and Lebanon. The peer-to-peer sharing functionality of Ustad allows one user to download content and share it offline with any other user nearby. The app also supports a mobile data collection system enabling teachers to use attendance and social-emotional assessment data to improve their practice.

The app is currently being used in Afghanistan to deliver employability skills training to public university students. Ustad is working on a pilot project together with Plan Jordan and Lamsa World to support teachers, parents, and children affected by the Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan and low-income Jordanians.

Location: Afghanistan, Jordan, and Lebanon.