Digital Identity and Citizenship: Resourceful and responsible engagement with digital communities and landscapes

Presenter: Stephen Mander, Teacher Trainer (British Council)

February 22, 14:05 - 15:05

King Hussein Building, Club Room A

This 60-minute session considered the skills young people need to acquire as part of their education to become responsible and resourceful digital citizens.  The session looked at a variety of areas that young people need to understand, including digital safety and security, digital use and identity, digital rights, emotional intelligence and digital literacy.  The session explored each of these areas and what this means on a practical level for youth and young people who are becoming more and more reliant on the internet for social, economic and educational activity.

After the session, participants better understood the skills young people need to be responsible, efficient and effective users and and contributors to the world's digital resource.  Attendees considered the risks for young people in the absence of the digital skills needed, and considered how these skills could be integrated into formal, non-formal and alternative education at primary, secondary and tertiary level.