Yousef Al-Hariri


I am Yusuf Mohammed al-Hariri, 19 years old, resident of the Za'tari refugee camp, Syria. From 2012 until today, during the first years in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, I was committed to public schools. In 2016 I dropped out of school. Instead, I registered in some programs that were held by the NGOs in the camp like life skills, trainings and computer skills. After that, I volunteered with the International Relief and Development for a year in the field of psychological support for children and underwent  a photography training. After the session, I spoke to myself and said, "Can I change the lives of people in Za'tari camp through the camera lens?" I said yes I will get up and go in this field. I completed my photography career with UNHCR as a photographer inside the camp. I also had the chance to participate and volunteer with the Child Rights Organization, UNICEF in Youth Section. Which included the Youth Advisory Council, Network generation 962, and the Global Participatory Research Program.